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Drug Inspection Services
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Select your available date and
location with our drug inspection
Let's pick your
convenience one!


Illicit Drug Inspecting Revolutionization

Select your available date and location with our drug inspection services. Let's pick your convenience one!

Simply & Speedy. We use special gauze pads to collect specimen on human body and insert in to our inspection machine. It takes only 10 secconds per person to detect a result! That's why our service is very special.



(Other Regular Drug Inspection)

In case sending specimen to hospital, takes more than 3 weeks to report a inspecting result.

(Drug Inspection By NPD)

Able to provide inspection up to 7,000 people a day (140 people per 1 hour)


(Other Regular Drug Inspection)

Detectable only one type of narcotics each time doing urine test.

Undetactable after 3-4 days passed.

(Drug Inspection By NPD)

Detectable 15 different types of narcotics drugs correctly (e.g. Amphetamine / Methamphetamine, Ketamine, Ecstasy / MDMA, Cocaine, etc.) in just one-time inspection (10 secs).

Detectable narcotics even just less remaining amount of drug in body or stop doing drugs about 30 days ago.


(Other Regular Drug Inspection)

Easy to dishonest, switching their urine sample with somebody else.

Untestable if someone absence from work on the inspection day.

(Drug Inspection By NPD)

Difficault to switch with another person.

No problem even someone is absent, able to send specimen later via posting service.

Much More Convinience

(Other Regular Drug Inspection)

Employee control and honest check is very difficault.

(Drug Inspection By NPD)

Simple progress, easy to control and recheck.

Causes less stress to employee who isn't doing drugs.

Service Types

ON-SITE Inspection Service


Specimen collecting by nurses, service at your company/manufacturing location on your selected date & time.

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Suitable For?

- Customers who are looking for efficient inspections at sites with a large number of employee such as factories.

NURSE Dispatching Service


Specimen collecting by nurses, service at your company/manufacturing location on your selected date & time. Testing result will be sent through email.

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Suitable For?

- Insufficient available free space.
- Over 100 employee and need to know the result rapidly at that moment.

POSTING Inspection Service


We send equipment set for self-collecting specimen to customer, and customer send it back to our company after collected specimen.

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Suitable For?

- Many company branches / High privacy location
- Small suspected group (e.g. driver or new employee)
- Small company with small employee quantity

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Quantity - Price / person


Service Area

Nationwide (Thailand)

Our Experience

Number of customer company
Over 1,300 nationwide customers (as of June 2021)

Number of inspected cases
Approximately 1,400,000 cases (as of June 2021)

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Health Check-up Services

Secure employee's health, secure your company

Our mobile medical check up helps reducing employee's transportation cost to a hospital.
Able to check up huge amount of employee and back to work after completing. Our "Drug Inspection services" is available as well.

Medical Check-Up Program

Price & Program (PDF)
  • Examination Items
  • Physical Exam (PE)
  • Chest X-Ray Digital (X-Di)
  • Blood Test (CBC, FBG, L-DL, H-DL, and etc.)
  • Urine Analysis (UA)
  • Cancer Screening (CEA & AFP)
  • Visual Activity Test
  • Body-Mass Index (BMI)
  • Weight and Height (WH)
  • Blood Pressure (BP)


Medical Check up Service

Quantity Unit Plan A Plan B
Less than 100 people Per lot 45,000 THB 75,000 THB
101-500 Per person 450 THB 750 THB
501-1,000 400 THB 700 THB
Over 1,000 people 350 THB 650 THB

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AED Rental Service

High-traffic is regularly happens in Thailand

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) takes much more longer time than usual to arrive due to heavy traffic in Thailand. Let’s raise up rescue chance with AED.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. It's a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, medical device that can analyze the heart's rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

Philips "HeartStart FRx"

U.S. FDA Approval Number :
USA 5806242
Manufacturer :
Seleatable Guidance Audio :
English / Thai


No need to reccord as company asset
Able to reccord as company expense.

The price is including product insurance.
In case of burglary, natural disaster, and etc.

Free! AED training
After installment and 1 time every year (Language: TH/JP)

Free! Replacing equipment if broken
We will keep tracking and reminding to change AED equipment
before the expiration date all along rental period.

Pakage Details

(Package No.1)


  • ・AED Philips HeartStart FRx
  • ・Carrying Case
  • ・Battery
  • ・Child Key
  • ・Electrode Pads (Smart Pads)
  • ・Wall Hanging Box

(Package No.2)


  • ・AED Philips HeartStart FRx
  • ・Carrying Case
  • ・Battery
  • ・Child Key
  • ・Electrode Pads (Smart Pads)
  • ・Wall Cabinet (with light indicator)

Rental Price

3,300 THB/month



Free! Batttery and equipment replacement.

  • - Electrode Pads: Approx. 20 months
  • - Battery: Approx. 40 months


AED free replacement every 5 years (please contact us if broken)


Free! AED Training 1 time per year (Thai/Japanese language)

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ReSPR, Ozone Generator &
Air Purifier

7.2 million sales in 36 countries worldwide

"With the world’s only technology reducing viruses and bacteria in the air UP TO 99%"

Eliminate the risk of any indoor air and surface with 'Natural Catalytic Conversion Technology (NCC)’


7.2 million sales in 36 countries worldwide

3 Benefits of ReSPR



Reduces the risk of contact infections as well as airborne infections!



Decomposable technology reducing the sources of various malodors and offensive odors with low-concentration ozone that is safe for the body.


Maintain Freshness of Groceries

Keep vegetables and fruits fresh longer.

Why ReSPR?

  • Fine Particle Ion Diffusion Type

    Directly attacks bacteria adhering to indoor walls and doorknobs! The effect spreads to every corner of the space and the surface that people directly touch, such as doorknobs and chairs, is also directly purified.

  • Confirmed inactivation of the COVID-19 (SARS CoV2) by exposure to ozone gas the first in the world.

    (From a press release by Nara Medical University and MBT Consortium on May 14, 2020)

  • Inactivates COVID-19 (SARS CoV2) with low concentrations of ozone gas that do not affect the human body.

    (From a press release by Fujita Medical University on August 26, 2020)

  • Filter Adsorption Type

    Generally, it is impossible to completely remove bacteria, mold, bad odors, etc. with an air purifier that uses a regular type of filter.




Maximum applicable floor area 279 sq.m.

Purchase • 85,000 THB 1 year broken replacement warranty.
• 127,000 THB 5 year broken replacement warranty with free maintanance
(Free! cleaning 2 times/year and part replacement 1 time/year)
5 Years Lease 2,400 THB/month 5 year broken replacement warranty with free maintanance
(Free! cleaning 2 times/year and part replacement 1 time/year)
This price do not include 7% VAT


Company's name

NPD Healthcare Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


1 October 2015


23,800,000 THB


- Illict Drug Test Service
- AED Rental Service
- Health Check-up Services

Managing Director

Ryoto Kanematsu

Company Director

Kenji Kawamura


    11,507 shares 48.3%
  • Nippon Healthy-life Development Co., Ltd.
    10,701 shares 45.0%
  • Hitachi High-Tech (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
    1,192 shares 5.0%
    400 shares 1.7%
  • 48.3%
  • 45.0%
  • 5.0%
  • 1.7%

*Our company was established as a group company of NIPPON PARKING DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.(Our mother company is listed with 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

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